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Time-aware Flic app

Add an extra step into the Flic app to define up to 4 times ranges per button prior to choosing your click types and attached actions.

Workflow as follows:
Select Flic in app > Select time range to define (default 00:00 to 23:59) > Select Click type
This action will now activate on click type within the specified time range.

Here's a working example:
I have Philips Hue lights in my room, one in my main globe socket, and a light either side of the bed.
With a single flic button by my bedroom door, and with an implementation of this feature I could -

Single Click = Main on/All off toggle (Daylight brightness),
Long Press = Main light activate for 5 minutes,
Double Click = Bedside lights activate for 5 minutes

Single Click = Main + Bedsides on/All off toggle (Warm brightness),
Long Press = Main + Bedsides activate for 5 minutes,
Double Click = Main on

Single Click = Main off, keep bedsides in current state (on or off)
Long Press = Bedside on with 5 min fade out,
Double Click = Bedside on

11pm-5:30am (to allow for bathroom trips):
Single Click = toggle bedsides 10% (deep blue color),
Long press = all fade out over 30 seconds, (as you get back into bed)
Double Click = all on warm 30% (for those times you have an early flight, but don't want to destroy your eyes)

With a simple inclusion of a time-based level of logic, we have comprehensive control of 3 lights in one room. Imagine being able to do that for every flic. You'd have a flic in every single room, and for so many related purposes, you could justify buying many flics.

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  • Alan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I intend to try to implement this via the Linux API, but if it can be done in app, just imagine the benefits.
    It could even be an 'in-app purchase' extension - give your flics time awareness with a $5 in app purchase. It's a no brainer, especially if you have 4 flics, it's $1.25 per flic to give them super powers.

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